AR0026: MEGA

The MEGA design studio is a collaborative integral multi-disciplinary design of a special big and/or tall building. The workshop is a free (design) elective, aimed at master students in Architecture, Real Estate & Housing, Building Technology and Civil Engineering; and it is open to non-TUDelft students, conforming with TUDelft regulations.

Students work in design teams. Each one is composed of 4 to 6 students; and is responsible for delivering an integrated design as a multidisciplinary team. Within each team, each student is responsible for one discipline. Disciplines involved are:

  • Architectural design,
  • Structural design,
  • Climate design,
  • Façade design,
  • Design/construction management,
  • Computational design/BIM.

Sustainability runs transversally across these disciplines. The team-members themselves divide the different disciplines within their team. More students can pick one role, but all disciplines have to be represented in the team. Each team is organised along the lines of a professional design firm and develops its own design. The design process occurs in a collaborative digital design environment, supporting the workflow across the different disciplines. The collaborative digital design requires an integrated 3D approach with parametric design, BIM (Building Information Modelling), performance analysis, and file to factory processes. The teams will be supervised by a group of advisers, including experts and specialists for each discipline.

The integral design loop
The integral design loop

The workshop is very realistic; closely matches the design process of large international projects in the competition phase; and is a very good preparation and experience builder for your future career. It is highly appreciated by future employers. It runs in close collaboration with practice and integrates contributions from industry. As examples from recent years, support was given by Arup and UNStudio. Examples of past collaborations include also Municipalities and Provinces, such as the City of Rotterdam and Almere and the Province of Friesland.

The course has the duration of one quarter. In the first week, several different lectures are given on specific problems concerning design and development of high-rise building or large-span building; and the students organize the multi-disciplinary teams. The next weeks will be spent on developing architectural and technical designs and training students in group-interaction. The results are recorded and delivered in drawings and individual reports.