The course Technoledge Façade Design focuses on specific and changing topics relevant to the facade industry and architectural practice and consists of lectures from TU Delft and experts from practice, several excursions and a symposium and additional workshops. This course is one of the Technoledge elective courses of the Building Technology master program in semester 2. Part of the course is also open as a free elective course for architectural students and students of Civil Engineering.

The new course consists of a series of lectures, excursions and practical (design) excercises related to different technology themes.

Design studio
Part of the lectures are combined with studio work. Under guidance of experts students have to work on small assignments and/or design exercises that are related to a specific facade topic.

Symposium and workshops
The international symposium and workshops are organised in cooperation with our partner Universities in Europe (University of Bath, Detmold and Lucerne) and will also be attended by students from these Universities. The symposium and workshops will be organised in the second quarter of each semester. Depending on the University that is organising the symposium and workshops the location will be Detmold, Lucerne, Bath or Delft.

Besides this workshop a one day Façade Building workshop is planned to get some practical experience / insight in assembly, disassembly and construction of façades .

Part of the lectures are combined with excursions to construction site and product manufacturers