A final object created in collaboration with Yasar University

The Technoledge Design Informatics elective emphasizes the rationalization process of the design for digital manufacturing thereby integrating specific design constraints and parameters in the design process. The goal is to actually build the design at full scale. The students will design and build a small non-standard architectural object in close collaboration with the industry. To accomplish this task the students will design as a team, in a digital environment.

A set of strict design constraints is defined based on the available time, resources and digital manufacturing possibilities and limitations. The strict design constraints don’t always limit creativity, but can be a source of innovative ideas. The students will have to keep these constraints in mind while optimizing the design for digital manufacturing and fabrication.

The intention of this course is to go through all aspects of the design and fabrication to gain insight in the relationship between the design process and the actual fabrication. The students will experience the design possibilities that digital manufacturing offers.