Sustainable pavillion in Rotterdam
Sustainable pavillion in Rotterdam

Course contents
The course Innovation & Sustainability – Theory presents the latest developments in sustainable building design, with the focus on climate design, facade design and structural design. This done through a series of lectures by researchers from the Architectural Engineering & Technology department.

The course offers lectures on smart & bioclimatic architecture and urban planning, sustainable energy technology, new developments in façade technology and sustainable materials in structural design.

Students write a designer’s manual based on a self-chosen topic and present their designer’s manual mid-term and when finished. In-between, the students need to study (literature and desk investigations) and work independently. The manual builds further on the research done for the essay/paper in the AR0532-course, which solely represents writing an essay instead of a complete designers manual regarding a specifically chosen topic. The AR0532 part is being given as an elective to students following the Architecture track.

Education method

We call the education method self-directing learning: students pick their own topic, collect information on this topic and process this into a paper. For students taking this as a compulsory part of their masters programme the topic has to be choosen accordingly and afterwards implemented in their design. The first part of the course offers various lectures. After these lectures a test will be taken.

Cover examples of some previous written designer manuals: