You are about to practice technical building design. We will use the form, program and orientation of an existing building to give this course a jump start. You will select a fragment of an existing building of which you will make an entire new design. New structure, new facade, new climate concept.

The main theme of the course is to design a fragment of a low-energy building. Innovation is more than welcome here. You will do research to found your ideas by gathering a reference project that illustrates your ideas. Literature on building technology will provide you the information on how and why. A video clip, drawings and diagrams will explain your plans in a visual way.

At the same time you will clarify your design process by writing a report. You will work simultaneously on design and argumentation of the decisions you make. Together, image and text will form a highly informative presentation that convinces and inspires to support your ideas!

We want you to cooperate with other students to get full benefit from discussion and argumentation and we want you to submit your individual work to show your personal strength in technology.

Examples of case study buildings: