Your assignment during this project will be to design a building in an extreme environment. The purpose of the project is for you to learn analyze the problems and its possible solutions when designing a building under extreme conditions. Examples of earlier assignments are a research building on Antarctica or a small building on top of the Mount Everest which can be used for cleaning up the mountain. Problems you will be dealing with are e.g. the little daylight during winter, the difficulty of getting things to the building site and the difficulties in case of an emergency.

Anish Kapoor
“The studio is a place of experimentation. So what I want to do is fail, and fail often, fail fast. Not to take months or years to fail at something, that’s terrible. I want to go through ideas as quickly as possible and fail at them if they have to, but fail fast.”

Your design should be an integral design. This means that you do not only look at one aspect such as the configuration of your floorplan or the construction of your building. Your design will have to be a solution to multiple problems. Function, materialization, climate, daylight, construction, etcetera will all have to be considered and resolved.

Course Contents
The project is about building in a extreme situation, in respect to climate, location and function. Essence is the interaction between the extreme circumstances, the technical solutions, and the architecture. Extreme circumstances do request technical solutions which will be the starting point for the design development. The designer has to direct the ‘engineer questions and answers’, towards the articulation of the form which is based on integration of aesthetic and technology.

In the end the student is able to understand technical solutions, to reflect on them, to applicate them and to transform them. Together with the architectural aspects the student is able to design a coherent design result.