SWAT Studio is a new and unique Building Technology programme for MSc 3 students. It is a creative fusion of Climate, Facade and Structural design – A trilogy of specialisms that join forces in one studio and onsite workshop to produce technological responses of merit, informed by contextual urban narratives, challenges and potentials…

SWAT is a new achievement of the recently founded department of AE+T at the Delft University of Technology. The SWAT design methodology has been developed to demonstrate that, through building interventions at all scales of urban enquiry, sustainable lifestyles are possible within existing cities.

The SWAT Studio consists of lectures on the latest developments from the market (‘Briefings’), an onsite design workshop, preparatory lectures and site analysis/research (‘Intervention’) and individual technical elaboration of a design element from the onsite workshop (‘Elaboration’) under supervision of staff experts. The aim of the workshop is to propose innovative, sustainable and contextually responsive design interventions within diverse and challenging districts.

SWAT staff:

  • Dr. Craig Lee Martin
  • ir. Joris Smits MSc
  • Dr. -Ing. Tillman Klein
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Andy van den Dobbelsteen
  • Student assistant: Floor Hoogenboezem

For more information regarding the SWAT studio please visit this webpage.