The World of Tall Buildings – Lunch Lecture by Jan Klerks

The HighRise Workshop (BIG+TALL Fall Semester) is getting ready for Fall 2014. To open the activities, on last Wednesday the 21st Jan Klerks gave us an inspiring Lecture on the current and future trends in Skyscrapers. Do skyscrapers solve urban challenges or are they trophies? What do the city and its citizen expect from a skyscraper? What the investors and the Real Estate? What do you expect when you live there and wake up every morning looking down the city from vertiginous height ? Does Europe have the same expectations than USA and Asia? Where is the overall direction of skyscrapers going? Jan’s lecture opened a number of reflections on these and other questions. Do not miss to follow his updates through the website “Skyscrapercity” – looking forward to meeting him again during the course in Fall. Thanks to Joop Paul for having initiated and organized the Lecture – to Karel Terwel;  and all students who enthusiastically attended.


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