Information about the TiSD (graduation in ‘Technology in Sustainable Development’, or TiDo in Dutch) annotation will be given here. For more information, visit this website.

The following has been taken from the website of the TU Delft:

Graduation in ‘Technology in Sustainable Development’ (TiSD)

The graduation annotation ‘Technology in Sustainable Development’ was launched in September 2000. The annotation is open to all* TU Delft master students that intend to integrate sustainable development into their graduation project.

The graduation annotation covers both broader and deeper knowledge regarding Sustainable Development (SD) and technology. Sufficient depth is achieved by the demand that SD has to be a core issue in the graduation project. Within each department, a so-called ‘SD referent’ with specific expertise will assess the graduation project regarding the way SD has been tackled in the problem definition, the actual work and in the conclusions of the project. See list of referents

The broadening of knowledge is guaranteed through a number of elective courses in the field of SD and the Colloquium ‘Engineering for Sustainable Development’ (WM0939TU). Another goal of this colloquium is to teach the students to apply a long term vision in determining their engineering priorities.

* For IE and SET students it is not possible to receive the annotation, since their Master track fully focusses on Sustainable Development. They can join the Engineering for Sustainable development course only in case of availability of places.


  • Graduation: Project focussed at SD (related) problem
  • Colloquium (former boatweek): Participation in ‘Technology in Sustainable Development’ (WM0939TU), 5 ECTS
  • Electives: 10 ECTS of SD , at least 3 ECTS technical and 3 ECTS non-technical, see list elective courses 

Graduation project

To discuss the SD requirements for your graduation project, please contact the SD referent of your department